Custom-crafted services

At Neo Consulting Group, we are proud to offer custom-crafted services tailored to fit your specific HR needs. We realize that not all business needs are one size fits all. We are here to partner with you and assist you with meeting your business objectives. At Neo, we start with a deep-dive needs analysis into your project objectives; we then discuss with you a solution-based proposal and timeline aligned with your business needs. Here at Neo, customer satisfaction is key, so we are dedicated to providing a stellar level of service.

Staffing Solutions

Neo is committed to partnering with you to build your business through the recruitment, screening, selection, and onboarding stages, as staffing is such a critical element. Whether you are seeking a Talent Consultant or need support for a short and/or long-term staffing project, we are here to provide a solution.

Training & Development

Training and Development is an important element that not only improves the effectiveness of the business but also of its employees. This element ensures employees are set up for continued success by feeding their knowledge banks and inspiring them to grow, while providing an immediate sense of value. Neo will provide you with an experienced facilitator, who will provide organized instruction such as New Hire Orientation, Behavioral Based Interview Training, Knowledge Based Lunch & Learns, all aligned to meet your training and development needs.

Strategic Business Partner

Neo is ready to discuss your current and future HR needs. We will partner closely with your functional leaders to implement goals and objectives that fit the needs of your business, strategize ways on “how to” elevate the human factors of the environment, and make recommendations resulting in immediate impact.

Let’s craft something great together.

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