Calling on our fabulous #HRCommunity 

Calling on our fabulous #HRCommunity – The #jobmarket is super competitive right now; however, it is still a “candidate’s market.” What is your #1 tip for today’s job seekers? 

This is your moment to “#payitforward” by sharing your wealth of knowledge. It will only take a moment, and there is no monetary cost, just a moment of your time to add a few tools to someone’s toolkit. Let’s impact someone’s #jobsearch journey – who will be first to #share?

Total Rewards

Total rewards cover all aspects of benefits, compensation and rewards that employees receive from their organizations.

Total rewards nuture employee commitment, which sequentially improves organisational fulfillment. Its aim to foster a positive connection between employer and employee.

Think about your current and/or past organizations – What total rewards did you find to be most valuable? Was it transactional or relational rewards that motivated you to join and/or stay with the organization?